Vaibhav Sisinity – Linkedin Masterclass 2021



Learn how I amassed over 270,000+ followers, reached over 100M+ people and generated 1000s of leads for FREE that generated 10s of thousands of dollars monthly from LinkedIn using Growth Hacking & Automation.
With ZERO Ad Spend and less than 5 hours of work weekly


Who is this course for?

Agency Owners

Speakers and Authors

Attorneys & Legal Professionals

Real estate Professionals

Small business Owners

B2B Marketers

Sales & Business Executives

Business coaches

Personal Development

All that you’ll ever need to
know about growth hacking

74 videos · 8 hours

Access all rock-solid growth hacking video content, which will help you set your LinkedIn on fire and never worry about your business leads ever again.


My 6-Step Blueprint is designed to drum up brand awareness and generate leads without sending a single message to anyone on LinkedIn. Attract the customers – not the other way around.

My super-secret tactics to get 100s of endorsements on all your skills and recommendations on your LinkedIn profile using automation without even asking for them, making your profile look legit.

My unique and untapped Sales Navigator automated process will help you find qualified leads easily, add them to your connections, send them a series of automated messages, find their email IDs, send them an email sequence and show them on AD on Facebook all automated

The Advanced Profile Optimisation Strategies that I and my clients use to rank for the desired keywords on LinkedIn search and google search in no time almost effortlessly. Obviously results in tons of leads and sales all organic

My secret connection growth strategies will help you add your potential prospects. You’ll also learn to steal your actively engaged competitors’ connections on automation

The exact way I generate incredibly engaging content, my content hacking tricks that catapulted me over 25M+ views on LinkedIn (Averaging 87,000+ views per post)

My lead generation secrets using content that helped me and my clients land over 50,000+ laser-focused qualified leads in the last 6 months
That’s not it ! Here’s more

That’s not it ! Here’s more

Some bonuses awaiting you once you grab the course.

Bonus 1
Step-by-step process on how to get up to 5K followers in 2 days with zero ad spend. Activate your old LinkedIn posts to skyrocket LinkedIn reach.

Bonus 2
How to shoot messages to all connections automatically on LinkedIn and how to set up follow-up sequences to ensure almost everyone responds.

Bonus 3
How to use a completely automated secret LinkedIn Pods to skyrocket your engagement, game the algorithm and activate your old LinkedIn posts to get greater LinkedIn reach.

Bonus 4
My super-secret strategy to make anyone on LinkedIn ( even if they are not connected ) to notice you on LinkedIn and jump on a call with you. Works with high profile users and celebrities too.

Bonus 5
How to get emails of all your connections at once and send automated, laser-focused email sequences using LinkedIn data of the user. (Gets me 87% open rate and 47%+ reply rate on the emails)

Bonus 6
How I got lifetime access to a ton of tools worth for FREE using LinkedIn Influence.

You are not the first to
take the course

There are over 200+ people all over the world who took the course, tried and tested and were spellbound.


Before you ask for it, here’s some proof

I’ve filmed a quick video showing you all my LinkedIn stats and numbers. Unlike typical gurus out there, I’m a pure practitioner. I practice what I preach.


I transform startups into cash-printing businesses, growth consult for brands and help them use the internet to skyrocket profits and their overall bottom lines.

In 2012, I started “CrazyHeads” which served 100+ clients across the globe in just 3 years in my college days, with 14 other crazy heads!But in 2015, I joined Uber to help them scale from 100 trips to 1M trips every week. I later joined Klook India and helped them clock $27M/year business.

I have consulted 60+ startups, delivered 40+ workshops & 20 talks in top institutions in growth. Many reputed publications like Entrepreneur have featured me and I have launched 3 Growth Hacking Courses (LinkedIn, Chatbots & Instagram).

Price: $1297  (Free for Members) | Size: 2 MB

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