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What You Get:

70 Full Cold Email Conversations that Led to a Booked Meeting

With added updates every week until the end of July, absolutely free.

This is a collection of the full back-and-forth conversations between cold prospects we emailed. You’ll see:

> The initial emails

> Our follow ups

> Their responses

> How we got them to book calls

> The absolute entire conversions between 40 cold prospects (with many more to come)

The best way to succeed is to see what’s working now

That’s why this product will include absolutely 100% free updates with new conversions added monthly.

On top of that, you can see what kind of offers sell

The biggest hiccup most people have is not knowing what to sell.

They know how to send cold emails and get responses. But they can never nail down a solid offer – and just have no sense of what’s working right now.

The contents of this product are categorized like this:

> The offer

> The target audience

> Examples of each combination

Now you can see what actually works. From the messaging, to the targeting, and from the offer.

Here’s the release schedule:

June 25:

10 more conversations added.

July 2:

10 more conversations added.

July 9:

10 more conversations added.

July 16:

10 more conversations added.

July 23:

10 more conversations added.

July 30:

10 more conversations added.

Price: $155  (Free for Members) | Size: 2 MB

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